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El Coyote Damage Control: 'We Love the Gays'

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In response to No on Prop8ers boycott on El Coyote, there's a little damage control going on at the Beverly Boulevard cheese palace (seriously...they use the most neon cheese ever, a greasy orange color that doesn't even exist in nature). Here's what Margie Christoffersen, a manager and daughter to El Coyote's owners, the one at the heart of the issue, tells Eater:

"El Coyote is known for being a melting pot, we love and tolerate everyone. This has nothing to do with the restaurant. I donated through my church. We would never tell our employees they couldn't contribute to political organizations—as individuals, they do and support whatever they want. El Coyote has donated thousands of dollars to the gay community through charitable organizations. As a rule, we don't do politics. We have too many varying opinions here, and that's the staff's right."
Bonus sucking up: Margie says El Coyote will welcome anyone for a free lunch tomorrow (Wed 11/12) beginning at 11am, and she'll be there to discuss anything and everything. Reservations are required (323.939.2255). [Photo Credit]
· Prop 8 Trickle Down Effect: Opponents Boycott El Coyote [~ELA~]

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