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EaterWire: Guest Chefs at Bar Celona and Vermont, New Chef at Matteo's, Free T-Day at Whole Foods

Got a tip for the EaterWire? Lay it on us.

2008_11_vermont.jpg AROUND LA: Eating L.A. notes several fall menus from chefs who don't have permanent restaurants: Josef Centeno at Bar Celona in Pasadena (11/18; $100 per person), and Laurent Quienoux does "cassoulet month" at Vermont in Los Feliz (pictured; throughout November; $70 with wines). [Eating L.A.]

WEST L.A.: From a reader: "We just went into Matteo's this weekend to find that their executive chef has been replaced with Antonio Orlando....famed chef and restaurant owner....they actually have an Italian Chef now!!!!!" We heard there was a new chef coming after Don Dickman left. [Eater Inbox]

THANKSGIVING: Whether you don't know if you want to order prepared food for the holiday or just want to satisfy the Turkey Day cravings ahead of time, all area Whole Foods are offering entire Thanksgiving meal tasters---turkey, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, cranberry sauce, stuffing, the works---this Saturday (11/15) from 12pm-3pm. Free, people. Now that's some recession deal right there. [Eater Inbox]