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Wait, 15 Will Become Allston Yacht Club

That business with Echo Park's 15 becoming Allston Yacht Club and then not becoming Allston Yacht Club? Well, it's going to become Allston Yacht Club, according to Daily Dish. The new owners said they wanted a "smooth" transition so they kept the name 15 for awhile; in a few weeks they'll go to the name that has no meaning to the Eastsiders who will hopefully continue to frequent it. Now that Alex Eusebio (who we'll see on Top Chef tonight!) isn't involved and the switchover was so sudden, they're hoping things settle. "It was kind of a joke in the beginning because we were getting more walk-outs than walk-ins, and we had a lot of explaining to do," co-owner Charles Kelly said. "But lately there's been a buzz and more and more people are coming in." [Photo from Daily Dish]
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