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There are only five days left to get us your nominations for LA's Sexiest Chef. We have about 25 or so already, male and female, the obvious (yes, ladies, we know Christophe Eme is a looker, and that fiery Frenchness, well...), some under the radar (Ian Gresick, new chef de cuisine at Drago Centro has a few nods), but we want more. Just look at how much fun they're having with New York's race. Drop all nominations in the tip line, photos are appreciated. UPDATE: Let us reiterate, folks---we are only looking for nominees at this point, the polling has not begun. We get that you all think Ian is hot, but we're looking for more chefs to add the race. Polling will begin shortly after the nomination process ends, and you all can vote to your little Gresick-loving hearts content. [~ELA~]

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