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El Coyote Cont.: Protest Signs, 'Business as Usual'

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Signs of the times [Photos by Tom Andrews for LAist]

Via LAist, here are some of the clever signs the No on Prop 8ers came up with for the 7pm protest last night. That's right, prime dinner hour. From the scene: "At least 400 gays outside and at least 2 lesbians inside...every car that entered the valet...the crowd yelled shame on you!!! It was amazing and inspiring."

So is it working? An El Coyote manager tells us that business was somewhat down ("a lot of our regular customers were marching") last night, but business in general hasn't been substantially affected since the boycott against the restaurant---initiated because another manager donated $100 to the Yes on 8 campaign---started earlier this week. We imagine traffic got somewhat snarled on the boulevard last night, so we checked in with other restaurateurs nearby. Amy Knoll Fraser said it was pretty much business as usual at nearby Grace and BLD: "Not much other than when the group passed BLD all of our guests got up and went outside to cheer them on."
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