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Happy Birthday, Pizzeria Mozza!

Pizzeria Mozza, day 1, around 5pm

We were but babes in the blogosphere's womb when it happened, but Mozza opened two years ago almost to the day. Can you effen believe it? The lovechild of Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich was one of the most hyped openings this city has seen in years, there was immense anticipation a meat theft, early debate, ridiculous wait times, three stars, critics and celebs of every strip descended, a sibling was born, and a new one is planned. After all that, it's still almost always packed, the pizza still rocks, and the budino continues to be something we dream about. Happy anniversary Nancy, Matt, Mario, David and the entire crew. No, this is not a bribe to get a table at 8pm tonight, but if there's one open... [~ELA~]

Pizzeria Mozza

800 West Coast Highway, , CA 92663 (949) 945-1126 Visit Website