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Loteria III?

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2008_11_loteria3.jpg When Jimmy Shaw was gearing up to open the second Loteria Grill in Hollywood, there were rumblings about a third location on the Westside (which Food GPS took a snap of recently), but Shaw told us it was his commissary for the Farmer's Market original, which if you didn't notice, has barely any space. But now that he has the larger kitchen in Hollywood, he's turning the Pico storefront into a retail take-out spot: "It's similar to what we are going to do in the front part of the Hollywood Restaurant; our stews and sauces, packed in deli-style containers, plus a few new items for take-home. It should be open in the next few weeks, though we do not have a specific date. We are waiting on some equipment to arrive." [Food GPS; ELA]

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