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Foxtail Bartendress Goes Back to Work, Allowed to Face Customers Again

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Looks like Gloria Allred's media blitz tactics worked: Virginia Tzortzos, the Foxtail bartender/server who was told to lose five pounds ("to start") or work in the kitchen, went back to work this week, according to the WeHo News. After getting slapped with the sexual discrimination lawsuit, Tzortzos was renistated back to her original position, "fat" and all. Of course, damages are still being sought for emotional and financial stress caused.

Michael Doneff, a spokesperson for Foxtail, told WeHo news, “Generally we do not comment on pending litigation, but due to the publicity that this matter has received, we feel it’s necessary to clarify that Virginia was never terminated from her employment at Foxtail, but took a voluntary leave of absence. We are pleased that she has returned to work tonight and we’re thrilled to have her back as part of the Foxtail family.” Shaken and stirred, please.
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