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Name That Restaurant!

Welcome back to everyone's favorite real estate guessing game. This anonymous listing has "Hollywood Power Players" all over it. The clues to work with: It's a well-known 4,700-square-foot West Hollywood and Beverly Hills-adj bar and restaurant located near "some of the city's most exclusive stores" with several very large employers nearby. It's "a place to see and be scene [sic], particularly when it comes to inking big Hollywood deals," and has a 60-person dining room and bar, a 60-person patio, and over-sized kitchen and separate food prep area. The new management will want to capitalize on the location but "revise the high-end concept to accomodate a younger (that is, younger than this venue's current client base) high discretionary income revelers." Meaning: Make it a resto-lounge. Ready, set...GO! [BizBen]