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Chef Shuffles: Bernhardt Leaves Church & State

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Not to make it Arroyo overkill today, but we received a few emails that exec chef Greg "Mega" Bernhardt is no longer at Church & State downtown, the French brasserie that opened former loading dock at the Biscuit Lofts a few months ago. One note was from the chef himself, who was very instrumental in the planning of the restaurant, and he's on the attack. An excerpt:

"I am an extremely passionate person, and this culminated in the long hours I dedicated to this project. However, I could not sit quietly while observing the calamity of the opening process with an inexperienced and under-committed management team comprised of novice investors rather than the restaurant professionals necessary to give our clients the experience they deserved."
"It was hard enough to be asked to "dumb down" the food I was planning on preparing to simple, standard bistro fare, a departure from a more exciting, intelligent and aggressive approach I originally conceived, but when asked to turn a blind eye to an organizational nightmare in the front of the house, I knew it was time for me to leave."
Doesn't "passionate" in kitchen speak usually mean "screamer?" Bernhardt says the split was mutual, and we're awaiting word from Arroyo's camp. Church & State received decent reviews since its debut, and it's unclear how the chef's departure will affect the menu. Hopefully they won't fall back on the fail-safe plan: Turning it into another Cobras & Matadors.
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