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Arryoworld: Flour House = Flourshop = Lil' Parlor Pizzeria

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SOUTH PASADENA: It was just two weeks ago that signage hanging on the former 750ml said "Flourhouse: Coming Soon," and yesterday new signs said "Flourshop," but today we received a note that the real new name of Steven Arroyo's neighborhood pizza joint is Lil' Parlor Pizzeria. You could chalk this up to Arroyo's seemingly restless nature, but do a quick Google search and you'll find several Flour House and Flour Shops around the country. Not a whole lot new to the space except that wall between the main room and the small kitchen is now a counter, the long communal table looks like its history, and, hey, a wood-burning oven! The sample menus look promising, short sweet and to the point, overseen by Michael Ruiz, who's been working with Arroyo since May. Look for a debut this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday (friends and family tonight and tomorrow). No one will be surprised if it has a new name by then.
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