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The Shutter: Chop Suey, Ballona, Gorikee

Now that the Deathwatch business is out of the way, let's on to some official closings, whether we saw it coming or not. Got a Shutter for us? Tips are always appreciated.

2008_11_chopsuey.jpg 1) Downtown: Little Tokyo's Chop Suey Cafe, which replaced the original Far East Cafe, closed after only two years.Chop Suey opened in 2006 after sitting vacant for years, but the new owners couldn't duplicate the menu that the original was known for and business fell flat (the Far East Cafe opened in 1935). Plans are to turn into something more nightlifey. [Downtown News]

2) Marina del Rey: A tipster saw a darkened Ballona Seafood & Sushi restaurant a couple Fridays ago, which means one thing: totally out of business. Website is gone and the phone is disconnected. This was once Hans Rockenwagner's Ballona Fish Market until he sold it in 2004. [EaterWire]

3) Woodland Hills: Well, Gorikee was in escrow earlier this year, but it finally shuttered. Some Hounds lament the garlicky loss. [Chowhound]