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Plywood Report: Gareth Kantner's Libre in Echo Park

ECHO PARK: About a year ago we got a tip that Cafe Stella owner Gareth Kantner was planning a new restaurant on Sunset Boulevard "near the rec center," a place with "monk-chic" decor (natural wood, candles), and "lots of slow cooked this and brick oven that" on the menu. Turns out that was mostly true. According the Daily Dish, Katner plans to open Libre: "monastery-chic, with 24-foot ceilings dripping giant chandeliers attached to burly ropes and pulleys, rustic wooden tables, abundant floral arrangements, loads of candles." The menu will be "Italian peasant food mixed in with tapas from around the world -- French, Moroccan, Spanish." And as Curbed points out, it will be in the Jensen Rec Center building on Sunset (not just near it). Don't expect anything too soon---Libre won't open for at least another 10 months.
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