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EaterWire: Provecho Delays, Loz Feliz Cafe Closure, Food Network Casting Calls

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DOWNTOWN: Last we heard Gabe Morales and the 800 Wilshire Group would be opening Provecho sometime this week, but rumor is they're still dealing with inspections, which means training hasn't started, which means they probably aren't opening this week. Tough one for a restaurant whose signage said it would open in Summer 2008. [EaterWire]

LOS FELIZ: Atwater Village Newbie puts a few things together and figures out that Los Feliz Cafe (the former Eatz Café) at the Los Feliz Golf Course may shut down as soon as Sunday, Nov. 30. "What will take its place? From the customer's email: 'I overheard the waitress ... say that the place had been sold and the new owner was planning on closing it and potentially opening up an Italian restaurant.'" There's also some wishful thinking Auntie Em's would take it over. Terri Wahl, interested? [AVN]

CASTING CALLS: Producers are looking for fans of Guy Fieri and Giada de Laurentiis for a show called Dear Food Network: "Love to watch the Food Network but can’t cook as well as your favorite star? Now’s your chance to have your Grilling question answered, possibly even in-person! Inspired by letters from fans, Dear Food Network features top chefs answering your cooking concerns." Deadline for video submissions is December 8, they begin taping in January. Email [Eater Inbox]

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