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Eater StarWatch: Jonah Hill at 8oz, Heros Hayden and Milo at Akasha, Stevie Wonder at Sushi Roku, MORE

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You see them eating but they don't care if they see you: Got a celeb restaurant sighting for the StarWatch? Drop it in the tip jar (please put "Starwatch" in the subject line) or tweet it.

2008_11_burgerbar.jpg 8 oz: From a tipster: "Was at lunch and saw the chubby guy from Superbad (that would be Johan Hill) and Mena Suvari. Not together, just on the same day." [Starwatch Inbox]

Murano: On Wednesday (11/19), Paris Hilton and a friend (her new BFF?) having dinner with "a wall of paparazzi outside." She still attracts a "wall of paparazzi?" [Starwatch Inbox]

Akasha: Heroes Hayden Panettiere with boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia were spotted having dinner quietly in the corner table on Saturday night (11/15). [Starwatch Inbox]

Sushi Roku: Last Friday (11/14), Stevie Wonder and a friend having dinner in Santa Monica. [Starwatch Inbox]

Polo Lounge: On a father-daughter date, Johnny Depp and Lily Rose. "When the pair entered the room, everybody got quiet before patrons began gossiping about the celebrity among them." [People]

Sur: A taut and toned Britney Spears celebrating a birthday at the West Hollywood spot. [People]

Organic-to-Go: David Spade ordering organic salad with extra peas, then paraded around the room so everyone could see he was there. [People]

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