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Would You Want Hollywood Nightlife in Your House?

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HOLLYWOOD: Whether you remember who Dodd Mitchell is or not, as we recently pointed out, "He's Baaaaaack" designing My House for David Judaken's Syndicate Hospitality group. Official flackage describes the nightclub, which takes the place of Garden of Eden on La Brea, thusly: A "modern-day dream house" with a full-on kitchen serving as the main bar (complete with "wafting scent of oven-baked cookies"); a formal dining room; sunken living room which becomes the main dance floor later in the evening; and even an upstairs master bedroom for...well, we don't want to think about that. The idea that there are bathrobes and a jacuzzi is enough. They're shooting for a January debut.
· Designer Dodd Mitchell: "He's Baaaaack" [~ELA~]

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