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Sante's Kitchen Nightmares

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2008_11_santefoxtiny.jpg Did anyone catch Sante La Brea on Kitchen Nightmares last night? It's interesting to see one of your own go through the process and get Ramsay-fied, especially after talking with owner Dean Hamoui before the ep aired. The sons seem like they love their father but totally take advantage of him. The manager Mark was a total joke and we're dying to know if anyone knows the guy. The "chef" was nothing but a line cook who landed a job where, and he admits this, he can do whatever he wants so why would he leave? Maybe Sante got better after the changes---the new space looks better, at least on TV---but we want to hear from those who've been before and after. Any better, any worse, any change at all? Will it go the way of Sebastian's? [~ELA~]

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