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Eating Along the Great Los Angeles Walk 2008

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Clementine in Century City [LA&OC Foodie/Flickr]

About 150 people assembled to walk 18.3 miles along Santa Monica Boulevard to the ocean (with a stretch of Sunset Boulevard added from Union Station) because, well, just because. It was organized by the Franklin Avenue blogsters, who also led walks down Pico and Wilshire in previous years. Obviously the pace was different for everyone, which meant stopping for food and/or drink varied as well. LA & OC Foodie tweeted from O! Burger in West Hollywood, Clementine, the obligatory wrap party at Britannia in Santa Monica, and had some wine and tapas at Bar Pintxo; Wildbell lunched at Champagne Bistro; others stopped at Cafe Tropical in Silver Lake, Sasoun Bakery in Little Armenia, and Fulfilled Pastries in Beverly Hills. Where did others stop and how did they decide? Check out the Flickr pool for pics from the whole day.
· The Great Los Angeles Walk 2008 [Franklin Avenue]