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EaterWire: Doughboys Saga Continued (?), Huckleberry Bakery, Boule Freebies

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2008_11_doughboys3rd.jpg MID-CITY: After all the dramz over the last year with Frank Waldman's Doughboys (the shutter #1 and #2, the explanation) we hear that he hasn't given up yet. From a tipster: "Partially due to the overwhelming outcry he got from his lamenting customers, Frank was able to convince the owner of the 3rd street location to let him reopen. There's a licensing agreement btwn Frank and the building owner that allows him to resume operating his restaurant." Story definitely developing. [Eater Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: We got an email not to long ago about the bakery that Rustic Canyon's Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan have planned for the Pick Up Stix location near the restaurant---name: Huckleberry, debut: hopefully before February. Daily Dish confirms. [Eater Inbox; DD]

BEV HILLS: Boule will have free chocolates for anyone who drops by the Bedford store next Wednesday (Dec. 3) from 6pm to 8pm. They're pushing the holiday flavors: gingerbread, citrus rosemary and pecan pie. (413 N Bedford Dr, 310.273.4488) [Eater Inbox]

Huckleberry Cafe

1014 Wilshire Boulevard, , CA 90401 (310) 451-2311 Visit Website

Rustic Canyon

1119 Wilshire Boulevard, , CA 90401 (310) 393-7050 Visit Website