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Vanity Fair's Oscar Party

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Looks like Vanity Fair won't be having it's big Oscar party at Craft or BLT. The party, which was traditionally held at Morton's on Roberston and Melrose (currently stripped to the bones for the forthcoming Cecconi's) was slated to take place at Tom Coliccio's new CAA-adjacent restaurant earlier this year but got canceled due to the writer's strike. Then there were rumors that VF was looking at BLT Steak on the Sunset Strip or Craft for next year's party, but it looks like both lost out: The party will be at the Sunset Tower Hotel instead. Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter claims the soiree will be "more intimate" with a smaller guest list and---gasp!---recycled decor from previous years. [AP/ELA]

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