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J. Lo's Madre's: Still Shuttered, Full of Stuff

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Speaking of's always a little weird to see a closed restaurant that has all its furniture and decor as if they just locked the doors yesterday; it's like going into someone's house months after they passed away, everything is suspended in time. Jennifer Lopez's Pasadena restaurant Madre's shuttered in July, but here it is full of everything, the outside looking a little dusty and worn. The only change is that the "Monday through Sunday" was scratched out on the original closed sign, making it more permanent. We never did find out why the shutter was so sudden, and even if the sign suggested it was temporary, there was little chance it would reopen. Plus, here's the for lease listing with no mention that it was J.Lo's restaurant---the way they used her name to whore it out while it was open, wouldn't that be a selling point?
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