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The Shutter You Knew Was Coming: Bastide

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When we announced a moratorium on the Deathwatch last week, the most vocal supporters were the publicists thanking us for having heart to stop skewering their clients, even if all we did was say what everyone else---even the employees---thought. But let's make this clear: Bastide was most certainly on the Deathwatch Committee's roster awaiting deliberation. Even with it's recent three-and-a-half stars, but mostly because it finally reopened after a two year hiatus; quickly changed the chairs and the chef after his three stars; added a $35 lunch, took it away because it wasn't working; went from all-tasting menu to a la carte; and especially because of the Campbell soup cans. And maybe the checkerboard carpeting. Those two "design" elements were the most incongruous, perfectly exemplifying what Bastide has been all about since Alain Giraud left in 2004.

Now the news that the Bastide staff was "locked out" yesterday when they showed up for dinner service while owner Joe Pytka vacations in Scotland. Not only were they locked out, but they were called into his production office to hear the news; he'll return on Wednesday to discuss whether the restaurant will live or not. Our guess: Not in its current state, if at all.

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