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EaterWire: Drinkers Deals, Rachael Ray's Vocal Chords, Parsons' LAT Food Section, MORE

As you start brining (the turkey) and pickling (yourselves), here's to a wonerful long weekend ahead. Enjoy the holiday, travel safely and, if you must, stimulate that economy. We'll see you back here on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming, but until then, the tip jar remains open. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

2008_11_commecabar.jpg WEST HOLLYWOOD: Cedd Moses isn't the only one celebrating Repeal Day on December 5: Comme Ca will also fete the 75th anniversary of the End of Prohibition on by getting you drunk on classic cocktails like the Martinez, Tom Collins, Highball, and Sazerac. To get one for 75 cents, email for a password. You know, like a Speakeasy. [Eater Inbox]

MID-CITY: Instead of boycotting restaurants because one or two employees donated to the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign, you can always go and support those who voted against it. Sheddy's on Fairfax will donate $1 from every beer or wine ordered to LAMBDA Legal on "No H8 Thursdays." Begins Dec. 4. [Metromix]

CULVER CITY: BottleRock will have a two-day walk-around wine tasting, open to the public. Takes place Dec. 6-7, 12pm-4pm. Tickets are $25 for one day, $35 for both. [Eater Inbox]

FOOD NETWORK: Those of you love Rachael Ray's raspy voice will be disappointed to hear that she has to have vocal cord surgery. She's allegedly going under the knife to "to get rid of a benign lump in her throat." New episodes featuring Ray-Ray will be off the air until January, when her voice comes back. [EMD via Eater SF]

LA TIMES: With all the changes, layoffs and buyouts going on over the LAT, we finally have word on what's happening with the Food section: Russ Parsons has reprised his role as food editor, a position he held from 1999 to 2002; Betty Hallock will supervise production; and new assistant food editor/interactive Rene Lynch will "ramp up the web page." All will continue to blog at Daily Dish, as well. [Reader's Representative Journal]

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