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Just Add It to the Pile: Sidewalk Seating Tax

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While restaurateurs offer myriad reasons why it costs us more to dine out these days---they're dealing with raised minimum wage, higher food costs, etc.---here's a new one to add to the list: According to Curbed, the City Council has decided to throw a new fee at restaurants that have sidewalk dining. And it's not just a one time fee, it's one that will be extracted every two yeas for "inspection and administrative costs." The actual amount hasn't been determined, and the ordinance hasn't gone into effect yet (still has to be adopted by City Council and approved by the Mayor), but it's a good thing they're on it. It's not like LA has a ton of sidewalk dining, so will this really be a huge revenue generator or just more beaurocratic red tape restaurant and cafe owners to deal with? [Photo credit]
· New Revenue Stream: Sidwalk Seating Tax [Curbed LA]

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