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EaterWire: Possible Changes at Triumphal Palace, Martha Stewart in Pasadena

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ALHAMBRA: Triumphal Palace is a favorite pick for dining in the SGV, from Michelin to the Hounds to Miss Irene, put per a note from a tipster, the restaurant has been sold and will be replaced by something called Lunasia Chinese Cuisine, per the ABC license. "Not sure if Triumphal Palace is just going out of business, or might ultimately be moving to a larger, or different building." We're not sure either, so any new details are appreciated. [Eater Inbox; photo]

BOOK SIGNING: The Ice Queen of Perfection herself, Martha Stewart, will be at the Vroman's in Pasadena next Sunday, November 9. She'll be signing---signing only, no personalization, no signing personal items, memorabilia or other Martha books, and no posing for photos, thank you very much---her new cookbook, "Martha Stewart's Cooking School." Oh whatever, Martha. This is a ticketed event; more info here. [EaterWire]