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Americana at Brand's Wishful Restaurant Thinking

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A reader got a "general 'how do you like us' (read: why aren't more
people shopping here)" survey from The Americana at Brand with one interesting query: "From the list below, please check the restaurants you would like to see at The Americana at Brand." The choices are Mozza, Porta Via, The Grill on the Alley, Mastro's, La Scala, Morton's and Madeo. Mozza must be the ringer---it would be a boon, but would Nancy and Mario ever set up shop in a Glendale mall where the Cheesecake Factory is the most popular restaurant? Let's pose this question to you, dear readers: Out of these restaurants, which is most likely to open at TAAB? And because we're in an electoral mood, we have a poll!

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