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On Location: Where Entourage, The Hills Are This Week

1) Entourage: It's so much more enjoyable when a show such as Entourage doesn't tell you where they're dining---it's like a game. Of course, sometimes it comes easily to us: Ari (Jeremy Piven) meets an old friend/mentor Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) at Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills to tell him he wants to buy his company. It's a long scene and they start in the front at the bar, walk all the way past the wine wall to the back room where they drink a lot of scotch. Sometimes it's a little more difficult: Ari and Andy meet somewhere in the Valley for lunch the day before; being in the Valley makes Ari itch. But what restaurant is that?

2) The Hills: The MTV "reality shows," of course, always say where the cast members are eating/drinking. It must be part of the deal. We just happened to be in the vicinity of this scene from the XIV opening party, and sure enough, there we are. We won't bore you with the details of how unbelievably fake the whole set up was (i.e. Nazarian was watching the group drink cocktails for at least 20 minutes before he walked up and asked if Heidi was working, to which she answered, "Are you?" Thus resulting in 'surprised' looks all around. Three takes for that one.), but it is funny how they kept such a tight circle so as not to get too many party guests in the shot. It's Hollywood magic, people!