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Slowly Unveiling The Bazaar

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2008_11_slslogosmall.jpg Because SBE is being so secretive with their soft opening of the SLS Hotel, the bloggers are working overtime trying to get details. HotelChatter took a look around The Bazaar and describes (because, like us, no pictures allowed) in more detail the various rooms for Jose Andres new home: The Patisserie has light wood furniture and an open kitchen ("If this were a traditional hotel, we would call this the breakfast room."); Rojo y Blanca has rustic dark wood tables and chairs, and pictures of Matadors behind one of the prep kitchens ("This is obviously Jose Andres homage to his native Spain."); Bar Centro is the most Philippe Starcked of the rooms, looking very similar to XIV. We're still waiting for pictures. You know what to do. [HotelChatter; previously]

The Bazaar by Jose Andres

465 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048 Visit Website

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