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SasquatchWire: Bigfoot Lodge Planned For Westside

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Around the time we snapped this photo a reader's query hit the inbox: "I heard the 1933 Group was going to open a new Bigfoot Lodge? Is this true? Are they moving the existing one?" Yes and no. Per the change of ownership notice, Bigfoot Lodge West will take the Rae's space on Venice Boulevard. Confirmed from Bobby Green himself: "It's something I have always wanted to do, and I think the westside would really appreciate it." Don't expect Mounties, fake fireplaces and National Park signs just yet---Rae's is still filled with drinkers on sunny afternoons, just as any beloved dive bar should be; Bigfoot construction won't start until early 2009, with a summer debut. And Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater Village isn't going anywhere so you can get Dudley Do-Rights and Girl Scout Cookies any time you want.

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