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Week in Reviews: BiMi Doubles, Plus Gjelina, Max, Riva, Orris and More Elsewhere

Miss Irene goes against the grain this week and seeks out a newish Japanese spot, BiMi on Wilshire Boulevard, from a reader's suggestion. She walks away with a good enough impression that it warrants a whole review:

The restaurant manages to hit that sweet spot between quality and price. The staff is incredibly friendly, the menu is varied enough that you can go back often to eat sushi or izakaya dishes, or a combination thereof, depending on your mood. I appreciate too the fact that the kitchen comes up with a long list of specials each day, depending on what Hoshino has found at the market. Not many moderately priced sushi restaurants take the trouble.
And then there's the fries, some of the best she's ever tasted. Under-the-radar BiMi gets two stars. Today the "S." stands for "secrets." [LAT]

ELSEWHERE: Angeleno gives Gjelina two stars; Triplecreme checks out the new Riva; Dig Lounge keeps it simple at Pie n Burger; Eating LA and a bevy of foodbloggers do dim sum at Hop Li in Arcadia; Franklin Ave tries the new Max; LA& OC Foodie hits Orris on Sawtelle; and Man Bites World does a whole day of Japan (Day 59), plus a little slice of Denmark in Santa Barbara (Day 60).

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