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More Top Chef Fun

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2008_11_fabio.jpg From a Top Chef conference call with Toms and Pads today, we have the requisite canned answers about how much weight she gains (10 to 15 pounds in six weeks) and general likes and dislikes (Tom's eggs and truffle oil, respectively), but Padma's comment about Moorpark chef Fabio Viviani (the only one singled out) caught our eye: "He’s very gregarious — he was fun to have on set ? I had to really watch myself with Fabio because I would revert into Italian. I spent a lot of time in Italy so I love to speak in Italian ? I didn’t want the other chefs to think I was saying anything that they couldn’t hear.” Fabio is definitely going to be a personality this season. Bonus: Tom on Tom as sex symbol: “It’s safe to assume more women watch the show than men, or at least straight men?” [Grub Street]

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