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Fall Tracking: Casa

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Initial Projection: November
Current Projection: "First of the year"

A couple months ago we took a look at Casa at California Plaza, and as noted above, it's come a long way since. Lots of curves---permanent booths of varying heights on the patio; inside, half-circles filled with dark-wood tables, chairs and chocolate-brown leather banquettes---with metal frond sculpture and colorful paintings on the walls. Casa is a part of the Downtown's new tequila wave (Provecho, Rivera, Boca at the Conga Room, Rosa Mexicana, etc.) with Mario Del Pero (partner in the nearby lunch-only Mendocino Farms) behind the project and chef Kris Morningstar helming the kitchen. Expect modern twists on traditional Mexican cuisine, a "fast-casual" spot during the day, but sit-down, full-service restaurant at night. And most definitely afternoon happy hours. They're in the midst of final inspections and will probably start training in a couple weeks, so the new target date looks like early January.
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