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Top Chef Mini Recap: Foo Fighters, More Air Kisses

Because of the holiday, we didn't do a full recap from the third Top Chef episode even though it quite possibly was one our favorites---not because the chefs were particularly notable but because the Foo Fighters (now always to be known as "Food Fighters") and were there to judge the Thanksgiving dinner (and way more interesting than Grant Achatz). We'll take you to Eater NY's recap if you need to read something, but our personal highlights: Dave Grohl is our bacon hero; only rock stars can equate a poorly constructed foam with spit and cleverly call pumpkin mousse a "barfait"; the cheftestant featured most in the beginning of course got the boot, even after calling Colicchio a "hottie gay bear icon"; all of LA's chefs are still safe; and Fabio can't stop blowing kisses at the judges' table or planting them on Stefan's head.
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