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The Sugar Rush For Free Crumbs Cupcakes

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We didn't actually see the chaos one would expect at a free cupcake giveaway---at a mall...the day after Thanksgiving---but we did get bowled over by three teenage girls running towards the newest Crumbs Bake Shop to make sure they got their free treats on Friday. Because the location is on Brand toward the end of the Americana buildings, someone handed out postcards inside the mall which meant long and consistent lines throughout the day. From Crumbs West Coast partner Harley Bauer: "We gave away 2600 cupcakes!!! The line really started around 10:30am and until we closed at 11pm, it was a non-stop line of at least 30 people at all times. The first 1000 cupcakes were gone by about 1:00pm and with the amount of people in line and another 10 hours of business to go, we decided to just keep giving them away." Which proves: It doesn't matter how good the cupcake as long as it's free. The lines were still there when we left the mall around 7:30pm. Just after it "snowed."
· Free Crumbs Alert! [~ELA~]

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