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L.A. Live Unfolding, Cont.: Finishing Touches, New Plywood

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We went to a holiday party at the new Grammy Museum at L.A. Live last night (lovely) and couldn't help but notice all the activity around some of restaurants about to debut. Workers at Lawry's Carvery and The Farm of Beverly Hills, both supposed to open December 15, were seemingly working around the clock. Over in Nokia Plaza, there's a bunch of new plywood covering the big gaping construction holes we saw the last time we walked around. Rock 'N Fish brazenly puts their January 12 debut on the banner, Katsuya coming in Spring '09, and Wolfgang Puck---smack dab in the middle of the plaza---also next year. Tonight, the Conga Rooom hosts a big celebrity-saturated opening event (so the tip sheet says), and Fleming's is now offering its 100-glass wine list as of today. One thing to say about the whole complex: It really is very bright and splashy.

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