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Mapping LA's Restos, One Post-It At a Time

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The full map at Curbed

Curbed LA checked out the GOOD magazine "lab" on Melrose the other night and found this map of post-its where guests are encouraged to add their own favorites, significant moments, landmarks. Peppered with things like "Landlord is a dick" and "White People" near Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, we noted some dining recs: Angeli Caffe, "Evan's home"; "I Love Loteria"; Grub and Cactus tacos; Father's Office and Kreation Kafe on Montana; Edison, R23 and "Ye Olde Taco House #1" downtown. First: Ye olde what? Second: No Mozza?
· Mapping LA, One Post-It At a Time [Curbed LA]

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