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SPONSORED POST: Eater Inside Miami Gotham Steak

An icon was reborn with the recent Grand Opening Celebration of Fontainebleau Miami Beach. And now, NEW YEAR’S EVE at Fontainebleau Miami Beach will serve nothing less than a night of pure entertainment and glamour, including over-the-top menu celebrations at Gotham Steak and Scarpetta.




A celebrity chef from an era long before there were celebrity chefs, Alfred Portale has been making magic at the legendary Gotham Bar and Grill in New York City since 1985. Now, finally—after years of resisting expansion—Portale is carrying his magic beyond the city, to a two-level incarnation at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami dubbed Gotham Steak, opening today. Cuisine-wise, Portale has always plated a world-class steak at his Manhattan restaurant, so the move here to make meat the centerpiece makes a ton of sense. But expect not just steak but also fresh seafood, other specialty cuts of meat, and plenty of wine to keep the conversation flowing. On the design side, note the hand-blown glass chandelier (above), open kitchen, and glass-enclosed wine tower. Overall, we're thinking this was a move well worth waiting for.

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