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EaterWire: Little Dom's Cocktailing, Red Line Bar Hops

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LOS FELIZ: Little Dom's finally got it's bar license and is now serving "hard booze?in a classy way," according to Caroline on Crack. Sazeracs, Highballs, Dark & Stormy's and the like. This, and the deli that opens next week, and the Little Dom's Compound is complete. [CoC; ELA]

BAR HOP: A couple of people decided to Facebook that they will follow Thrillist's Red Line Bar Hop guide this Friday and a bunch of strangers signed up. We love when things get all virally. Festivities begin at 7:30pm at Traxx in Union Station with planned stops through Downtown and ending in Hollywood, all the way to "drunk." Anyone's welcome. [Eater Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: The Downtownizens are watching their neighborhoods become?more neighborly. Not only did the South Park Starbucks replace the sidewalk tables (missing for a month), but the Panini Café on 9th Street added bike racks. [Blogdowntown; Angelenic]

CHAINS: The press release for Buca di Beppo's new menu begs a question: "First among the changes to be made are the sauces that are the foundation of all great Italian dishes. Buca’s red Marinara, creamy Alfredo and meaty Bolognese are now created from recipes that emphasize freshness and homemade flavor—as they should be since the sauces are now being prepared daily in the Buca kitchens." Exactly what were they serving before? [EaterWire]

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