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Tracking Intelligentsia Venice: Coffee Pods, Mobile Baristas, No Chairs

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More plywood shots here

For those Venetians who are chomping at the bit for that Abbot Kinney Intelligentsia planned for 2009, Food GPS has a slew of details. First, for those worried about what will happen to Abbot's Habit when Intelli opens, there's nothing to worry about. Where one is a place for people to sit maybe an entire afternoon and read, write, compute, the other sounds rather futuristic and all about the coffee. We're talking coffee "pods" where baristas make fresh drinks for customers---the pods can lower, ascend or even swivel---in addition to a space for the Clovers, sinks, and freezers for Intelligentsia gelato. No cash registers; staffers will have mobile tablets to ring you up anywhere in the shop. There will be a cupping bar for "slow manual coffee service," i.e. vaccum pots, Eva Solo, French press or the Chemex. And oh yeah, no chairs. Banquettes, steps and benches instead.

Designer Ana Henton says: “What we are doing for Intelligentsia is pretty different in that the space is being designed as a series of ‘machines’ and not so much as an environment for sitting and relaxing...It’s all about the fanatical preparation and serving of an amazing cup of coffee.” Fanatical is one way to describe it. And it's all coming around February but expect the usual delays.
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