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2008_12_mozza.jpg Have you ever wondered where Gwenyth Paltrow likes to eat? Have you?? If you thought only macrobiotic spots like M Cafe de Chaya (if you thought at all), no. As she puts it in her GOOP newsletter, she's fond of not Hollywood LA, but the "old-school seventies beach vibe" of LA. She also has the palate of her mother. Gwennie still frequents Michael's, Chinois on Main, Nate 'N Al's, and eating chopped salads at La Scala, but also sushi at Katsu-ya in Studio City and Hamasaku (the original, thank you, because no sushi is good unless it's in a strip mall). Picks from this millennium include the Melrose Bar & Grill for the duck burger, Loteria in the Farmer's Market, and of course Mozza, which "constantly tests my friendship with Mario because I am always asking for a table for myself or a loved one." And now you know who to blame when you can't get a table. [Goop]

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