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It's Official: Manzke Really In at Church & State

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Steven Arroyo was so excited to be talking with chef Walter Manzke to take over his downtown French brasserie Church & State that maybe he jumped the gun a little. Just a smidge. But why wouldn't he be thrilled: Manzke received three stars from Miss Irene while at Bastide and numerous accolades for his tenure at several Monterey Peninsula restaurants. But since leaving Bastide, he's wanted to put high-end sensibilities to something more casual, more approachable, and this looked like a good opportunity. After a trial run, Manzke tells us he officiall started a C&S last weekend.

The menu is still has the classics---frisee aux lardons, onion soup, steak frites with pork-fat fries---definitely the new duck-fat fries---just "cleaned up," he says. "I'm still working on the menu, getting the base going. I removed some dishes, added some, and make changes every day. Working a lot with the staff." So still a work in progress, but it's Manzke. In the Arts District. Downtown. Church & State is in the Biscuit Lofts building (1850 Industrial St., 213.405.1434).
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[Photo: James Beard Foundation]