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Plywood Downtown Edition: Bottega Louie, Caffe Primo, Hygge Updates, More

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Here's a special Plywood Report looking at and checking in some other newcomers Downtown. See something about to debut anywhere around town? Lay it on us.

7th and Grand: The paper so tightly wraps the windows at Bottega Louie that there's just no peeking inside. Here's what the 10,000-square-food restaurant and gourmet market looked like in October, and we're sure it's come a ways since then, at least we hope since they plan to debut early next year---which, mind you, is only a few weeks away. There was some new concrete poured outside this week, now fully covered in names and profanities (wet cement left unattended has no chance on that corner). But that's progress. [PLYWOOD]

6th and Flower: We spotted the liquor license for Caffe Primo at the Pegasus lofts, and although there was a faint glimmer of hope that it would open this year, it's looking more like mid-February. That's the same time they think Primo Cucina will open at the Barker Block, as well. [PLYWOOD]

11th and Hope: Another "scheduled to open at the end of the year," Hygge, a Danish bakery and restaurant in the South Park nabe, is just barely starting construction. Once open, it will be catty-corner from the new Bottle Rock. [PLYWOOD]

7th/Arts District: Angelenic has news of another Cedd Moses and 213 Inc. project on the horizon: A pretty skeevy looking little dive bar called Tony's on 7th Street in the Arts District. [PLYWOOD]

Bottega Louie

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