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Eater Inside: Spitz

Looking nothing like its Eagle Rock sibling, this is the new Spitz, "home of the döner kebab," in Little Tokyo. Since the concept is basically European street food, you might expect a little shack with meats on spits for quick-serve sandwiches. Not this time. Owners Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund said they wanted the space to looke like you "just stumbled into an old warehouse," so that's what you have---a large, colorful, funky space with a bar area, outdoor seating, odd industrial-looking art sculptures hanging from the ceiling. If you're not familiar with the sandwiches think: thinly sliced, seasoned, spit-roasted meats served on foccaccia or wrapped in lavash. The menu has salads and sides (sweet potato fries), and a few other offerings, plus---bonus---beer and wine. This location stays open late, which is something Downtown desperately needs.