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EaterWire: Vegan Donuts in Silver Lake, Gram & Papa's Update, Top Chef Judges

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DOWNTOWN: Chef Stephanie O'Mary, who left The Hall at Palihouse in September, has landed at the few-month-old Gram and Papa's sandwich shop downtown; she worked with co-owner Mike Ilic at Todd English's Olives in New York. The sandwich board continues to rotate, and now there are breakfast specialties. Ilic also hopes to add dinner, but only when and if the times is right. [Food GPS]

SILVER LAKE: Another reason why Intelligentsia and Fix Coffee are racheting up the cool-o-dometer: Dee's Nuts vegan donuts. At least for one blogger: "baked right in our own downtown los angeles, that taste authentic and sinful just like the real thing. plump, porous, juicy cake deep fried and covered in thick and creamy frosting make for absolute decadence." $2.50 a pop. Available now. [Quarrygrrl]

TOP CHEF UNIVERSE—Last week's bridal shower ep was the last dose of Gail Simmons for a while, as everyone's favorite judge will step away for the rest of the season to plan her wedding. She'll make a return for the season finale, but until then, it's time for some new judges. [Bravo via AB]

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