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EaterWire: All' Angelo Goes More Casual, Chipotle Deals

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MELROSE: It's not just a recession deal, it's a recession overhaul: All' Angelo owner Stefano Ongaro has turned his "ristorante" into an everyday "trattoria," starting today. That means no more tablecloths, bare tables instead; plus, a new menu and, more importantly, new prices. Wines for $5 a glass, antipasti for $10, handmade pastas $15 and entrees only $20. Every day (take a look). Ongaro says it's temporary, but you never know---if the economy stays the way it is, it might be permanent. [EaterWire]

BURRITOWIRE: The Westwood Chipotle (on Broxton) now has pre-order curbside pick-up service. Handy in a neighborhood notorious for bad parking. Order online or via fax. And now that there's snow on the mountains, From Dec. 29-Jan. 4, Mt. High season pass holders can use their season card to get a free burrito at any Chipotle location in Southern California (including San Diego). Only good the day you hit the slopes. [Eater Inbox]

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