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It's No Longer 82/Sunny in West Hollywood

That, friends, is the rendered bar area at the Andaz via Daily Dish

It's probably easier to do this now than later: The name of the restaurant at the forthcoming Andaz West Hollywood hotel has already changed. Instead of 82/Sunny, it's now RH. For 'riot house.' Get it? Hotel GM Michel Morauw told the Daily Dish: "The concept is still the same, but there was a lot of debate internally about the history and the legend of the hotel...that ‘riot house’ name is a bit different than what we are doing at Andaz, at the same time there is an incredible attachment to that name for many people. Calling the restaurant RH is a way for us to pay homage to the former Hyatt," It has nothing to do with the fact that people already hated the other name.
· Andaz changes name of forthcoming restaurant [DD]
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