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Keeping Up With the Katsuyas

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2008_12_katsuyalalivesm.jpg If, for some reason, you don't know your Katsuya from your Izaka-ya by Katsuya from your Katsu-ya, here's a little primer. With helpful hints like, "It’s all about scene, scene, and service that doesn’t know its ass from its elbow, but they do bring the beer quickly" (W. 3rd Street's Izaka-ya), but a few inaccuracies (Katsuya at L.A. Live won't be opening "any day now," more like Spring 2009). And adding to the Katsuya pile, here are more details about Kiwami, which is set to debut in the former Tama Sushi space in Studio City on December 26. This one, Katsuya himself will be in the house for at least the first six months doing omakase at the sushi bar. [BlackBook; Daily Dish; ELA]

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