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The Case of the Missing Dining Room at Apple

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Here's a reader question to mull over:

"Do you know what happened to Apple? Is it still a restaurant? A friend and I dropped by last night to get a drink after dinner (it was around 10:30 or so) and the whole place had been turned to a gay club. We walked into one room and there were a bunch of mostly nude guys gyrating around. I ran into a friend and he said that he heard that they did a gay night, but he wasn’t sure about the restaurant part as there were no tables or any sign that you could actually eat there. Is Bryan gone, or do you think this was a freak occurrence?"
We just called the restauarant and a staffer says it's still a restaurant, but her definition of "restaurant" is now loungey furniture and a "tapas-style" menu. We didn't ask if Bryan Ogden was still the chef, but she said the "chef is still the same," plus he's still all over the website. In the grand scheme of things, this kind of move away from restaurant to lounge seems right on track.

Ogden opened Apple with a very high-end, pricey tasting menu that seemed incongruous with the time and the neighborhood. A couple months later, that menu was downsized and simplified, probably to appease the club-going crowd that filled the downstairs Apple Lounge on weekends. (The planned Pussycat Dolls Lounge for the adjacent space was canceled and moved to the Viper Room.) And now we have a pared down lounge with a smaller menu featuring mac and cheese and crab cakes instead of frog's legs and Sweet 100 tomatoes. There's only one place to go from here.
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