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Charcoal Becoming Boho, Guerrero on Board

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Sometimes we have a hand in things and don't even know it. Case in point: Last week we dished about what's happening with Charcoal, the Adolfo Suaya-owned short-timer at the Arclight---Kris Keith's Spacecraft Design is transforming it into a casual, small-plates, restaurant and bar, big patio out front, thrift-store chic, boho decor. Yes, we called it "boho decor," which is why they decided to call it BoHo (fact). Kinda bohemian, kinda Hollywood, get it?

Chef Andre Guerrero (Max, The Oinkster), who's partnering on the project, tells us a bit more about the menu: Lots of pizzas (Oinkster pulled pork, Ipswich clams, house-made pepperoni), salads, sandwiches; family style, everything comes out as its ready; nothing over $20. The thinking is that it needs to be efficient for moviegoers and, of course, value. There will also be 24 beers on tap, with someone from Glassell Park's Verdugo Bar consulting on the list. The group is hoping for a quick turnaround, shooting for late February, early March.
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