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Hold Up: There's More to the Manzke Story

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Ok, so the news about Walter Manzke joining Steven Arroyo's Church & State downtown was a bit hasty. Not us reporting it---one assumes that news this big, directly from Arroyo himself, would be fact---but because, accroding to Manzke, it's still early and not 100 percent yet. Chalk it up to an overzealous business owner, perhaps. Manzke just told us that he's had quite the year looking for a place to land after leaving Bastide. He thought C&S would be it:

"My whole reason cooking as a chef is to make people happy, and I don't think fine dining is that right now. A lot of those restaurants are hurting right now and I don't have much interest in it. That's why this interested me. I'm here in the restaurant today, and nothing is set in stone yet. We're still talking."
So does this mean he will or will not be staying on? That will take some time, he says: "Look, you don't buy a new car without test driving it." So true. So we'll know more after the "test drive." Story developing.
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